I am working on a questionnaire which is currently in a development stage as I am still seeking advice on how it can be best presented as a valid literacy test which can possibly be measured along with other pain questionnaires.

Any constructive feedback is therefore welcome.

If you are a referred patient please fill it in online via this page prior to visiting the rest of the website and/or seeing me formally.

Otherwise, just test yourself and then look at the answers via the button at the bottom of this page.

It is my suspicion at this early stage in development that the lower the score on this test, the more vulnerable the situation is to a persistent +/- amplified pain outcome.

If you are already suffering this outcome, optimising your understanding of pain may help you on the pathway to a better outcome.

(NB: The test is just below. The answers and the science-based explanations for the answers are available via a link at the bottom of the page but please do the test first)

*** The easiest way, and my preference is, that you fill in the test here below on an online form and submit it directly online ***

If this is not possible, then please send me a request via my CONTACT page and I will send you a printable version.

Fill out my online form.

Click the button above to access the answers.

The brief explanations offered are a work in progress

There is greater detail on the rest of the website.