Welcome to what I am calling Kalblogville - ie the home of my 'blog'.

I am actually unsure as to what a 'blog' is exactly and have never bothered to search its meaning, but I don't like the sound of theword itself. It sounds a little better contained in 'Kalblogville' (I think!)

I am assuming it means using the internet to express your thoughts and opinions, and for many reasons the world either ignores you or your blog takes off and suddenly many people are tuning in regularly.

It is difficult to write in a way that will be necessarily understood by everyone because inevitably medical terminology can be quite hard to understand. At this stage the main audience for my blog will likely be other health professionals. However, if you are a layperson it is probably best if you read my 'Understanding Pain and Persistent Pain' document and explore the resources on the 'for patients' page and I would be happy to answer questions if seeking more clarification on an individual basis.

If you are looking for the standard stuff on pain, you won't find it here. This is amply covered elsewhere and seems to me to be as yet lost in translation. Despite the excellent research available, this is struggling to permeate into standard practice versus the tsunami of 'technology' focussed management methods. I attended the Australian Pain Society meeting for the first time in 2015 and an observation was that the pharmaceutical and interventional sessions were very well attended. This contrasted with the substantially lower attendances at the psychology / sociology / educational focussed sessions. I think that says it all.

SORRY - the blog comments have been turned off!

Do I not want the feedback? Do I not want to foster discussion? The answer is simple: Yes I do but I don’t have the time to manage it. When I allowed comments in the past I was bombarded with spam posts. This required constant attention to weed out this rubbish.

Don’t hesitate to send genuine feedback via the contact page or through social media.